General information

The regional section was founded during a general meeting of the Pfälzisch-Rheinischen Familienkunde e.V. Ludwigshafen at the Hans-Sachs-Hof hotel at Pirmasens in 1986. 

The team consists of members that meet informally once a month to talk about their hobby. People interested in genealogy and family research are welcome to take part in our meetings without any appointment. 

Family registers of the Pirmasens area based on church register entries are published occasionally. If you want to share our experiences we will help you in any cases if possible. 

We are non-professionel  genealogists but we can provide single information as far as it will be possible. For further information and research and possible costs caused as a result of this please contact the person dealing with your case.


Group meets at the vestry of the Catholic church "Maria vom Frieden" in Pirmasens-Ruhbank (block of flats)

every second Wednesday a month at 6:30 p.m.   

Advice and instruction are free for guests


Alfons H. Helfrich

* 18.12.1919    + 05.04.2001


He has been a supporter for more than 15 years. He was founder, precursor and translator of Catholic church registers and co-author of numerous publications. His name will always be connected to our group. 

We will continue our work in accordance to his values.



Contact: Bernhard Braun

Email: bbrauneden(at)